Sonosite Ultrasound Tablet UI

A leader in ultrasound technology, Sonosite requested a translation from it's hardkey interface to a touchscreen UI. The underlying software needed to be maintained, so the work included mapping existing workflows in order to reveal patterns that could be implemented systemically across the new UI. We designed for the Samsung Galaxy 2 (the largest Samsung tablet in 2011).

An Ammunition project.


Wireframes and Flows


The wireframes included the screen designs as well as the UI details and gestures and behaviors. Because each screen for each step in a workflow was incredibly detailed, the corresponding step in the workflow was also included on each screen.


The scan controls live on the live scan screen. Some of these modes had multiple submodes which needed to be revealed as a flyout menu. We developed a set of icons that represented each mode and submode since many of the labels were long and would have interfered with the screen content.


Because we were constrained by the existing software, there were instances where the user experience was less than desirable. Rather than being able  to change the way the system worked, we had to create warning modals that communicated why an action might impact the scan in ways that might be unexpected.


In addition to the actual scan workflows, we designed a patient record UI that was accessible through the same tool. This information was also exportable via the cloud to patient management systems.


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