SFMOMA Website Redesign

While at Hot Studio I led the research and design effort for SFMOMA's website redesign initiative. The effort was completed over a 2 year period that included collaborative brainstorming with leaders in the museum field, engaging a disparate set of  SFMOMA stakeholders to reach consensus, a technology investigation and recommendation, and of course, lots of concepts and wireframes based on user definition and research.




We began our initiative by holding a brainstorming session with staff from multiple museums who had or were going through their own redesign efforts. We learned about the successes and failures of their initiatives, their goals and processes, the tools they used, and their workflow.

Afterwards, we launched a survey to discover who the SFMOMA web audience was and what they were looking for; and compared this to their brick-and-mortar audiences.  We also conducted remote interviews with some of the survey participants to dig deeper into their motivations, expectations and perceptions of SFMOMA.



Audience Definition and Personas

After collecting information about the site users, we developed primary personas. These were used for two purposes: to rally the SFMOMA staff around who we were targeting through the website, and to prioritize the content and features that would launch first. 




The wireframes included how the screen content and features addressed both our strategic recommendations for SFMOMA as well as the needs of their personas.