Does anyone else feel as annoyed as I do that Coca-Cola is still using polar bears to sell their product? Besides being just weird, what types of messages are they projecting? I suspect a denial of climate change, that polar bears are just cute, not endangered, and all is well in the consumer world. Anway, regardless of your stance, i decided to write to Coca-Cola and tell them what I thought. Because I'm lame and didn't copy my letter before I sent it into the ether, I will highly paraphrase what I said.

"Since I suspect you will continue to use polar bears to sell your product no matter how gross I or others think it is, I have a Big Idea for you, it's really a no brainer. Give 50% of the profits you make from these commericals and donate it to an organization or two whose mission, or part of it, is to save polar bears and fight climate change. To save you some trouble, here are three organizations who do that. Or pick your own. Yeah, you may lose a little money, but I suspect it's a drop  in the bucket compared to your overall annual profit.

Polar Bears International

World Wildlife Fund

Defenders of Wildlife


If I actually hear back I'll update this post.


AuthorRenee Anderson