Erik's been BUSY with the gumbo thing. We're this close to getting it out the door into Oakland's farmer's markets. He has a name (Fat Alley), a license, a seller's permit, insurance, a place to cook it (Hunter's Point commercial kitchen), wholesale food's so awesome. I'm really proud of him, and I can't wait until I get to work for him! No more computers! Well, at least no more desk job!

July 18 we're having a rent party fundraiser. I'm playing sous chef, heh. Well, I'm making the desserts, and I'll probably be head waitress/door/dishwasher anyway. This is a totally boring post, it really does defy my excitement over this whole thing, I'm excited enough that if Hawaii doesn't happen because of it, that's totally cool. Besides, the weather's been pretty nice. Hawaii can always be a great vacation.

OK, BS post, sorry for making you read it.

Go Fat Alley!

AuthorRenee Anderson