I was given the opportunity to do a glass rollup session this past Saturday at Public Glass. Each year PG has its annual fundraiser, Keep Us Hot (KUSH), and this year I am donating two pieces. Both are a collaboration of warm kilnworking techniques and hot glass blowing. I am a fuser, meaning I work with sheets of colored glass, cut them into shapes, piece these together into compositions, fuse them in a glass kiln into a flat single glass tile, and usually slump the fused tiles into shapes using pre-created molds.

In roll-ups, you go only to the fused tile phase. After that, you literally roll the heated tile onto a glob of molten glass and proceed with hot glass techniques. The benefit is you get a lot of control over the initial composition of the tile, and you get to collaborate with really great hot glass artists, in my case, Guido Gerlitz, the executive director of Public Glass and a master gaffer. He made a bowl and a u-shaped flattened vase for me. They are both tres cute and I will post photos soon.

AuthorRenee Anderson