My workshop at Museums and the Web went quite well, I must admit. People had fun! I like the idea of going to a conference and actually doing something, not just hearing someone chatter on for an hour. So that's what I did: I made people roll up their sleeves, dig in and duke it out in small groups. Can I just say "There was a buzz in the air."

But oh, the heart-wrenching, stomach-churning that happens when your fonts don't load. Or shall I say, when you thought the room was Mac friendly but its not and you have to transfer your PPT to a PC from your thumb drive and realize you didn't convert your fonts. As a designer, it's traumatic. As a professional, it's embarrassing. When presenting in front of people who work at museums, where presentation means everything, it really sucks.

I got over it. You can download it if you want.

AuthorRenee Anderson