How many weeks can possibly go by before I have two decent nights of sleep in a row? I am not normal, I know this, I get a lot of satisfaction that I'm not on any meds, I don't take drugs, I'm emotionally stable. But I can't keep feeling superior to others if I can't sleep. That in and of itself is a problem. OK, I admitted it.

No self analysis, I'm not looking for input (dudes, I've had insomnia for 15 years, no advice you offer is news). It's simply that things are weird. My brain doesn't work right, I can't remember basic vocabulary, I'm addicted to sleeping on my sofa because its some weird safety blanket, even though it's far less comfortable than our bed. I'm just really fuzzy. Nothing it coming together in any logical way, and there are so many smart people at this damn conference (Museums and the Web 2009, Indianapolis) I'm at that I feel retarded (nothing derogatory intended...)

And I'm in Indianapolis. That too is weird. It's eastern time here, I thought it was central, so that screwed with me too. The weather today reminded me of Arizona even though I've never been there. Warm, windy, both dry and humid at the same time, isn't that Arizona? Also the buildings, I've noticed that Museums and the Web takes place in tan cement-laden cities with small downtowns. All the surrounding areas are totally different, but each city in the last 4 years (except SF) has had these eeily similar downtowns, made of big cement looming buildings of a really non-descript color, and almost all large buildings are hotels. Albuquerque, Montreal, now Indianapolis. Next year is in Denver, is that like this too? Chances are I won't be there anyway, so maybe I'll never know.

AuthorRenee Anderson
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