[A post from 2008]

The last few weeks I've felt very Rich Housewife: I had days off, I started a remodeling project, and I showed my hobby off. My very expensive hobby. No, its not cocaine.

1. I made blueberry cheesecake ice cream and it rocked my wee world

2. I participated in the Public Glass Warmsiders gallery show and actually sold stuff, and not just to my friends (this is the expensive hobby, glass is $$) (see the webpage here) (see flickr sets here)

3. My kitchen remodel started yesterday morning. The demo-ed wall-less room looks better than the old one.

4. I have one tomatillo and I ate my first tomato. They're not related, tomatillos are related to ground cherries, tomatoes are part of the nightshade family. I found out that the reason I have so few tomatillos is that I only planted one plant and they need some buddies. Like corn.

AuthorRenee Anderson