I took on a long term engagement with FarmsReach, a company dedicated to helping farmers with small or medium sized farms make more sustainable choices (both environmentally and professionally). I assisted with research to prototyping and usability testing to managing a remote visual design team to working side-by-side with the engineering team.


Research and Testing

I conducted remote concept tests for various new features of the site with target audiences and subject matter experts. Between testing low-fi wireframes, iterating based on feedback, and final visual design, we made myriad adjustments to the screens.



Wireframes and Flows



Collaborative Work Sessions

As a small team, it was inevitable that we had an interest in each others' roles and tasks. We also impacted each other's work. I helped lead a number of sessions specific to the website design and features to better engage the team and help them feel part of the decision-making process (sharing design ideas and getting feedback, involving team members in testing sessions, leading a branding workshop).


SFMOMA Rauschenberg Research Project

SFMOMA Website Redesign