For over a decade, I've been involved in creating interfaces and experiences for products and services that people like to use. While my title may be User Experience Designer, my role is far more than that.


What kinds of problems do I help solve?

  • Guiding your organization's digital product strategy, and helping map internal and external processes that will need to be developed to support this strategy
  • Uncovering your right audiences and their specific characteristics and needs
  • Verifying that your audience can be supported throughout their relationship with your company, and surfacing potential gaps in this relationship
  • Steering your team towards the right product and business decisions determined by their perceived value
  • Translating and illustrating high-level concepts that support your big ideas
  • Designing frameworks and roadmaps for your company's successful digital product development, be it a large or small transition
  • Prioritizing the right things at the right time
  • Delivering User Experience documentation detailing your multi-channel digital product line that can be implemented and, most importantly, sustained by your organization

As a team member, I am highly adaptable.

While I love to participate at the beginning of a process or project, helping foster existing ideas and generate new ones, I can just as easily slide into a team that has already made some strategic decisions about the direction they want to move into.